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need to get 4mth old on a sleep schedule.

Dd is 4mths old and I can not get her to go to bed for the night til 12-1am. She really has no rhyme or reason to her naps either. with ds I just followed his lead and we were in a decent schedule by 3 mths with 6-7 hrs at night and 4naps during the day. I dont expect her to sleep through the nighf (though wouldnt that be wonderful!!!) But from 5pm til 8pm she will either slightly doze take quick cat naps then at 8-8: she is wide eyed and bushy tail! Finally get her to sleep around midnight 1am and sometimes its as late as 2 then she is up sometimes at 4 dh alarm starts going off at 5:30 and he would sleep through anything so I finally,get him awake and up by 6-6:30 sometimes she wakes after he leaves. Then my son is awake by 8. Id love it if I could get her to bed at least by 10. I dont know what to do though. We have a bed time routine but for some reason it signals party time instead of sleepy time. I tried working with the whole dozing at 5-6 time and puting her to "bed" then but she woke at 8 and was up til2:30 (with quick cat nap/nursing sessions). Any ideas? I'm running on empty and I feel like I'm making my son who is 2 miss out on stuff cause I'm just so exhausted I don't have the energy to do what I would like. I thought we were headed in the right direction as dd was sleeping 7 hrs. (11-6). at night starting at 2mth and a week later it all went crazy. Nothing changed. I'm really at a loss atm... but maybe just overly sleep deprived. Lol
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