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Re: walk me through shipping internationally

DS rules do not require dc on international purchases. That said not all ds mamas are willing to ship international first class without priority you cannot get dc. You could opt for a third party insurance.

Personally if I may be honest for a moment as an international mom, I will not pay more then first class, I will not pay for extras. I have extensive positive feedback, I get hosed enough on international shipping I am happy to of course pay the difference between international and domestic postage, I will not pay so much more for dc. I am better of then buying new in europe most times after international shipping and customs if charged priority.

you have to decide what you as a seller are comfortable with. Your other option is flat rate envelope for about 16 which is priority and could have dc2. But food for thought dc only tracks to the boarder so she pays 3 times shipping and you still have no upates once it leaves the US until delivered. dc is not tracking.

There is no right or wrong answer here. I personally would consider the value of the item when weighing my options. It is tough, but international mamas really get hosed on shipping I would be sad to see sellers only shipping priority.

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