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Cracked/Bitten nipples

My newborn is almost 3 weeks old. From the beginning she has been very quick at latching on, which was a relief to me as my first daughter wasn't and I had to use a nipple shield for awhile and hated it. BUT when my baby was a few days old she bit my nipples and there is a gash on both of them (I wasn't careful about how she latched that time as we were out for get doctor's appointment, not relaxed at home). It has been a really rough couple of weeks with clenched teeth, tears, different remedies, etc. I am wondering from those with similar experiences how long does it take to heal?? At first i was using lanolin, but i find it actually makes it feel worse. They got infected, so I've been using am abx cream. I am also using coconut oil. Sometimes I use nothing. I don't know what is best. I think it's healing since it'snot quite as painful, and I've been working hard on baby's latch but she clamps down so fast that sometimes it is hard. *DH wants me to use nipple shields for a couple days, but I hate them so I've been reluctant. I don't want to go backwards on the latch progress we've made, and it'll still be painful with the shields anyway. But if it'll heal a lot faster I might be willing to give it a try. I wanted to call a lactation consultant to come over, but we can't afford it.
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