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Originally Posted by ajane

I completely disagree with the first paragraph. I have always felt the Christmas magic and never felt "let down." You can still tell your children facts, but let them be kids with an imagination around Christmas time.

And, the last 2 paragraph's since they are related, are from movies. I'm pretty sure most people do not do that with their kids. Maybe older generations. My parents never did that, my dh's parents didn't, and neither do we.

To the kids do understand that the gifts are not limitless. That from their list Santa chose a select few to bring them. They also konw they aren't easily replaceable since they are from Santa. Even though they see the same thing in the store, it isn't FROM SANTA.

To the rest, they just sound like ungrateful kids who wouldn't be happy with anything. It has nothing to do with Santa.


Maybe you've never known anyone who uses Santa that way. My family is that way , my grandma said stuff like that all the time. So, no. Not from movies.
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