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Re: Question for the Non-Santa Crew

Haven't read any of the comments, but we are middle-ground with Santa. We talk about him as a fun holiday character, like rudolph or frosty. I have no problem with having Santa toys or decorations and we love reading The Night Before Christmas, singing songs about Santa, etc. We could even write letters to Santa, I am fine with that. Heck, we might do Elf on the Shelf if I find a cheap one. But my kids know that Santa is not real and that the gifts come from us. There are several reasons, the first being that I don't want Santa to take over the place that Jesus should have in the holiday. The other reason is that I just am not comfortable with telling them something that isn't true. I realized that when I was a nanny and the little girls asked me questions about Santa. I was very uncomfortable to have to tell any half-truths to her, because she had learned to trust me. So I knew way before I had kids that we would never "do Santa" to the full extent that some do.

As far as wanting the kids to know the gifts come from us, I get this too. My perspective on this is that, first of all, there is a huge disparity in gifts between children. HUGE. Should my kids think that they are getting $50 worth of gifts when a friend is getting $500, is it because the friend was more "good" all year? I think kids can grasp the concept of priorities, finances, and circumstances better than trying to wrap their head's around the concept that Santa isn't fair.

The second reason is, I think it's important for children to realize that our providing for them is a labor of love. DH works very, very hard for the money to provide for their needs and many wants. I work very, very hard to give them a nice life at home and to make the holiday special. It's not so much that I want to get "credit" more that I want them to have the gift of feeling how much they are loved at a special time of year. For me, I think gifts are a primary love language of mine so it's important for me to be able to express love that way.
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