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Re: Question for the Non-Santa Crew

Originally Posted by ajane View Post
1st bolded, just b/c you [general] "do" Santa, does NOT mean he will take the place of Jesus or become more important than him. He is just another aspect of the seasosn.

When our kids ask questions about Santa, we ask them what they think or what they believe. If they ask us if he is real we never say yes. We let them think about it and decide for themselves. If they ask how he can get to all the houses in one night we tell them about the different time zones, etc.

Just b/c we let them believe in Santa does NOT mean they don't have trust in us. We create trust by being very communicative with them, being there to listen to them, and not promising something we can't follow through with.

The last bolded, I don't think provided for them means they should feel it is a labor of love. You had them and wanted them, then you SHOULD provide for them in the absolut best possible way no matter what. Not b/c they need to realize it is a labor of love. We also work very hard providing for them and making the holiday's special, it has nothing to do with them believing in Santa. They can still believe and understand how hard we work for them. And, they def. feel the love around the holiday's.

Not sure why you are being so defensive, I was just answering the OP honestly with my reasons. I have no problem with people celebrating with Santa, it's just not what we choose to do and I gave my reasons as requested.
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