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Re: Frustrated with DH

OMGosh, my husband is similar! LOL! He thinks he's helping by doing the laundry. This is how he does it:

Takes a huge amount of clothing and shoves it into the washer until there is no more room to add another. There are whites, towels, jeans, colors, delecates, and yes, he even throws in a cloth diaper or 2 in the load!!!!! Nothing actually gets clean. Then, he puts in twice the amount of laundry that's gonna help. Then shoves it in the dryer, and when that's done, he takes the load upstairs to our room, and dumps the whole thing on the floor for me to find and fold!!!!! He never ever folds laundry. In fact, once I asked him to fold laundry, and where did I find all the clothing? EVERYWHERE! He just shoved everything into random drawers in random rooms! No help at all I tell ya! Plus the whites are dingy, and the cloth diapers with the rest of it? Need I say more???? ew.

When he goes on a cleaning binge because somethings out of order, it's the worst!!! He will walk around with a garbage bag, and toss out EVERYTHING that is not put away right!!! It's terrible. He throws away clothing, school things, games, the girls dolls, the boys cars, it's terrible!! He said if its not put away, then they don't actually want it. Does he think we are made of money????? AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
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