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Re: Frustrated with DH

DH works full time and I SAH. I understand what you mean, there is a difference between "cleaning" and picking up after yourself.

DH used to take off his clothes and throw them next to the hamper. Why? No idea. He even said it didn't make sense. He then started putting them in the hamper. I posed the question to him with humor, as I was with him when he was getting undressed.

DH is not picky about the house at all. I used to be the same, but ever since my older children were little, I have become fairly picky. I grew up in clutter (nothing overboard, just surface clutter) and have allowed a small space on my desk for paper clutter. DH has a spot on the kitchen counter where he keeps his clutter. I used to freak out about it, but I figure if it is confined to that one spot, it's okay.

My husband is very scatter-brained so I try not to take his leaving stuff laying around personally. I can't imagine what his home would look like if we weren't together.
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