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Originally Posted by newmommy13
Nothing like you are mentioning but hes scrawny so if he doesn't have a shirt on I might catch a peek at the to of the waist bands. A half inch or less maybe? Certainly not below the hem of his un tucked shirt.

I will never understand this. Especially the gentlemen who walk down the street limping like they have a peg leg (not an artificial limb. Like pirate style.) while either holding their pants up at the front or just casually placing their hand on top of their genitalia. Wtf?
LOL I see it ALL the time here!!!
DH wears his pants where they should be. Now, his family blessed him without a rear end to hold anything up (I'm talking his back just drops off, nothing else there, lol sorry if TMI) but he wears a belt to help keep his pants in place.
The public schools finally put a dress code in place here for middle school up (6-12) that shirts MUST be tucked in, a belt MUST be worn and pants MUST be worn at the waist. After 2 warnings you get detention and it works! It's sad that the schools are having to force these young men to dress appropriately. Ods had detention because he kept forgetting his belt. He doesn't sag, he just couldn't find his belt those mornings or he just forgot. He remembered after he had a d-hall for it. There are rules for girls too, but since we are talking about boys I didn't go into detail.
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