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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 8-Oct. 14

Yay, new week, new thread....

Question for all the tempers/charters:

I woke up at 5 am today because I had to pee... so before getting up I took my temp and got 97.12, went back to bed until 7 am and took my temp again then because 7 am is my usual temping time... at 7 am I got 97.27 -- I figured it was best to input the first temp at 5 am and just note the time I took it instead of 7 since the one at 5 am had the most sleep before I took that temp... right?

My temp went down a little bit, but not by much from yesterday's temp... if I had slept uninterrupted until 7 would it have been higher you think? Now I'm wondering if I did O on the 16th and my stupid bladder messed today's temp all up!

QOTW: I kind of live in both... I guess... We are about 15-20 minutes from Tampa city limits, but we live far enough out that we are all around cow pastures, etc. making us basically more in the suburbs. I don't dislike anything about it because we have more than enough restaurants and stores here in our town without the hectic traffic and forever-long stop lights that are in Tampa.
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