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Re: Do your SO's pants

Only showing when he is working on the house. He has one pair of "work" jeans that he has had forever. They are covered in paint, holey and since he lost weight after buying them- 2 sizes to big. However his shirt is usually covering them. And he would never wear them in public or even if someone other than us were at the house. He has a professional job, before that he was in the military, and before that his ex-military grandpa was his role model. DH always look nice and neat. No sagging, holey, stained or anything else other than crisp and clean pants for him (of course unless he's working on the house- and by working on the house I mean big time construction projects). He won't even wear his work pants to help someone else work on there house- he wears his old navy uniform pants for that. DH is in his 30's but very old fashioned in his dress- comes from his grandpa. he wears under shirts, button up shirts almost always (after 11 years knowing him I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have seen him wear a actual t-shirt as his shirt). It wasn't until about 2 years ago that he started wearing jeans for stuff other then hard labor jobs. Same for tennis shoes. he only wears dressier shoes. Tennis shoes are for working out.
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