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Originally Posted by mammacandoit
Well I ended up making a batch of dry soap. I used 2 bars of soap, 2 C borax and 2 c of washing soda. It filled up a gallon jar about 1/2 way. I was thinking of adding boiling water to it so that it would have been a very thick gel, but wanted to try it dry first.
I chopped it all up really fine in the food processor. Then I've been using 2T of the mix in my wash. So far so good. In fact, I think it's a bit more concentrated then the liquid that I've been using as my clothes are more "smelly" like the soap. I used cold water on both of the washes that I did and I didn't notice that it wasn't dissolving. I think chopping it up extra made a huge difference.
If I notice that the soap isn't disolving, I may end up adding the boiling water to it. If I do that though, I just wonder if it would separate. When I make a thin version of the soap and put it in soap bottles, I can shake it. I can't exactly shake it in the gallon glass jug. hmmm. Thoughts?
Does anyone that uses liquid or gel get mold or anything in it?
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