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Re: Does anyone here have a vintage stove in their kitchen?

I do not have one now - but when we moved from MI to OK and moved in to my great grandmothers house during my junior year of HS, that's what she had

It wasn't "hard" to use per say - it was just "temperamental" I think the biggest thing i didn't like is that the pilot light would go out and i haaaaaated lighting it. Scared the crap out of me every time. But this could be her particular stove, not necessarily a common issue. The thing didn't heat evenly, so one side was always hotter than the other in the oven - but we just compensated by rotating.

IDK - i am sure she bought the thing before i was even born, and when we eventually sold the house after she died it was still working - so despite it's "interesting" cooking, it lasted FOREVER.
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