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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (October 1-15)

Originally Posted by emeyer76 View Post
More bleeding today! This is just getting ridiculous and really scary now. I actually thought we were going to have our rainbow baby, but this is the 3rd big bleed and I'm only at 16 weeks. Actually I've bled more than 3 times, but they come in waves that last a few days or so, and this is the 3rd round. I knew from my last appointment on Friday that it was a possibility, but it just doesn't seem like a good sign I still have a good, strong heartbeat (seriously, thank God for my doppler, otherwise I would be a hysterical mess!), so I'm trying to be hopeful, but geezles, this isn't going to be easy is it?
Oh man, and

I know it's super super scary. Thank goodness for that doppler! If it is the placenta causing the bleeding, that (unfortunately!!) is common and normal with previa. It sucks, but it is. And there's not much at all you can do about it; take it easy and wait for your uterus to grow and (hopefully) the placenta to come away from the cervix.
If baby is still bouncing away in there, and her hb sounds good, I'd keep telling myself that it's the darn placenta and that baby is okay. (over and over and over again... and then I would still worry, I know.)

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this added stress. It's not fair.

Originally Posted by emeyer76 View Post
Some days I love my doc and I think they're doing everything they can to help.... but other days they're kinda like, well its too early to do much, so good luck and call me if it gets worse or you want to come in I feel like saying, I really NEVER want to come in, but until you start making house calls, I'll only be there when I am dire condition, thankyouverymuch!
More Unfortunately, they're right. If all this is a placenta thing, there's nothing at all they can do other than advise bedrest for you. They can keep an eye on things, make sure it's always the placenta causing the bleeding, but there's nothing they can do to stop it.
But definitely, keep going in for reassurance, even if it means you're in there weekly! That's totally worth it, even if they get sick of seeing you!

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
And I really hate this progesterone. Its MORE than worth it if I get a baby out of this, but the pink discharge (my pill is pink) and gushing discharge is driving me nuts. Gonna have to start wearing a pantiliner---and I get HORRIBLE diaper rash.

Guess I need to invest in a little mama-cloth. I use a Diva Cup normally, so I hadn't planned on using any mama-cloth until after birth, but this is RIDICULOUS!
OMGosh. That would really suck - both the color of discharge and needing to wear liners. Boo.

Originally Posted by abhernandez View Post
Afm: Just a question for doppler users. The baby kicks me a lot and hard when I use the doppler... even when he hasn't been kicking in the time before. And it happens every single time without variation. So can he feel it? Is this normal? It kinda makes me feel bad. He wont be kicking so I'll get worried and check and then he starts kicking. Am I torturing the poor little guy by not letting him relax/sleep/whatever he does when he's not kicking?
It's just bothering/annoying him! He may be able to feel the pressure of it on him, and just be "fighting back" at being touched, or he may not like the sound of it and is kicking it away. Either way, it's not hurting him, just bugging him a bit.
DD was like that, and DS3 as well - they could be peaceful and calm as ever, and then the minute that doppler hit my belly, they'd be shoving and kicking (hard!) at it!

I say, just don't use it all the time, kwim? But if using it once a day helps to lessen your worries and stress, then it's better to use it than not. Being stressed out is going to be "worse" for him than getting annoyed.

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
And my boys both beat up the Doppler. I'd say as long as you're not doing it TOO much (like daily or more) its not harmful and the vibrations just wake him up!
Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
I'm a daily doppler listener. S/he better just get used to the noise because this is a noisy household! I really never even though about it being bad for baby since it's just sound waves and echos
I wouldn't worry about using it daily, or even a couple times a day. Many times when mamas are in the hospital, they're put on constant monitoring, kwim? That would be like using the doppler all the time, I would think, and they do it in there.

AFM: I'm feeling Babe move a good 3-4 times a day - like not just a movement, but 3-4 active periods, where he moves for a good half hour or so! It's WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. I feel like doing that when I feel that tickling and kicking!!!
I am sure it's Babe, too - first off, cuz what in the world inside my body would move like that for half an hour (yikes, lol!), and because it's at almost the exact same times each day
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