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Re: Cracked/Bitten nipples

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
DD had a bad latch, that I didnt realize until I ended jp with cracked bleeding nipples. I thought her latch was fine. I got an appontment with an LC and she tweeked my latch just a bit. That was enough to only then hsve painful latch on till they healed. It took a good week and almost a whole tube of lanolin. It was a weekend of horrible pain the entire nursing sesions before I could get in.

Is there a local LLL thst you could get in contact with check facebook or googke LLC.
Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
for got to add the LC gave me these nipple guards to wear between feedings. They are by medela and had air holes in them and basicaly kept my bra from touching my very soar/cracked nipples. They were great.
Yeah, getting just the right latch is tricky! I have definitely gotten better. Hm.. I think there is a local LLL here, I believe I was told their next meeting is in a couple weeks, thanks for the reminder. I think I'll go and see if I can get some hands on tips. Luckily it seems to slowly be getting better so maybe by then I'll be mostly healed. And yeah, I wanted to get those Medela breast shields but they are more expensive here (I am in Malaysia) and I am really trying not to spend any money that I don't have to, we are really pinching pennies at the moment. Not fun!

I read on one site that one mom used cotton balls soaked with coconut oil inside her breast pads. I've been using coconut oil but just dabbing it on. So I tried the cotton trick today and it actually seems to be helping more. I'll keep it up tomorrow too and see if it continues to help.
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