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Re: Possible induction for high BP and really nervous, *UPDATE*

Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
Glad you don't have to be induced! I had to be induced with my DD at 41 weeks due to high BP and it actually went really smoothly. I had the epi because they basically told me it was that or a c-section since the epi apparently makes your BP drop. It worked great for me - dropped my BP from CRAZY high to normal and I was able to have a normal vaginal birth, even though I didn't get the drug-free I wanted. Hopefully your BP stays down, though, and you are able to wait it out til the little one comes naturally!
Yup. This is definitely true. It's one of the bad side affects I have from it. My BP drops way too much and I faint from the epi. I had to be given epinephrin to get my BP to come back up with my epi's even when I was struggling with high BP.

I'm praying that don't try to push it even if my BP goes up. That wasn't the only negative affect it had on me.

For now, I'm still pregnant and just waiting. I have another appt tomorrow.

I've been bad and not checking my BP at home. The OB I saw on Thursday didn't seem to care what it was at home. (The only time I've not really liked her attitude.) I'm seeing her again tomorrow. So, I figured it didn't matter.
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