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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 8-Oct. 14

Originally Posted by happymom View Post
Same thing here with the chart and temperature. Woke up at 5 to pee. Temp of 97.56. 7 am temp of 97.79. Hmmm.... What to do? I
Weird that the same thing happened to us both this morning!

Originally Posted by craigwick View Post
I've always gone with the first temp in those situations, not sure is that is the correct thing to do, and then noted the time.

Cat - knowing about AF before hand is a downer for sure, those mornings when I read the thermometer when my temp freefalls are a pain, though I could see if I wasn't TTC it would come in handy to have advanced warning!

QOTW - hmmm, not sure what you would call where I live (town of around 1500 people) because to me living in the country means you are on a farm, which we aren't. The thing I like and dislike is that everyone knows everyone else and their business. I like that my kids will have more freedom than if we lived in a big city, but I miss the convenience of being in a city.
Ok, that's what I thought was best, too... so I used the temp from 5 am and made sure to change the temp time to reflect it on my chart... we shall see...

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
Hey there everybody Tomorrow should be testing day (the first of many, probably ). I think this cycle is the first where I've been scared to test for fear of a bfn. I've been feeling "off" for a few days & haven't gotten sick yet, but I so don't want to be let down. Anyway, tomorrow will tell, eh?

QOTW--I've never lived in a major metro area, but I do live outside of a small city. I think all settings have their benefits, KWIM? When we lived in our small city, the access to everything from restaurants to libraries to colleges to medical care was great, and miss that & how vibrant everything is in a city...I don't miss the crime. I grew up rural. It's beautiful & I loved that I could breathe & that you could do your own thing w/o people being on top of you. I didn't love that I needed a car to get everywhere & I didn't love how difficult to live in the country it could be when the weather gets bad. Now I live in a Stepford-ville suburban housing tract & I'm pretty sure my soul dies a little every day I live there. I understand why people choose to move there, it's just not for us b/c, no matter what I do, I cannot keep up with the Jonses The best place we ever were was [in a rented duplex] on a farm that was at the edge of, but still within, village limits...and it was only about 4 miles from all the major shopping centers. It was a great combination of rural & more populous living. In fact, I've asked family, if DP & I are able to stay in the area, whether they'd consider selling us the property, b/c it's a really nice fit for us...and I'd lease the farmland attached.
I'm excited for you!! How many DPO are you now? I would probably have peed on way too many sticks to count by now.
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