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Re: tell me your pro's and cons!

we don't do the flu vax for a number of reasons. But mostly b/c I think it is pointless unless a person has a compromised or abnormally weak immune system, and is not generally healthy.

It's true the flu is awful. It's really no fun. It dehydrates you and makes you WISH you were dead if it doesn't kill you. (sorry, that was a bit dramatic. LOL) But for the *majority* of people who catch it, it's a week or so (maybe 2 wks) of feeling terrible and then it's gone and you move on with life.

The difference is, your immune system will be stronger b/c it had to fight it.

Also, you should know that the immunity offered by a vaccine is different from the immunity you receive from naturally contracting illnesses. You may want to research that for yourself.

And, the flu vaccine is usually made from last year's flu strains. So, the effectiveness is really not known. They are just guessing at which ones will be more prevalent this year. And, obviously, since it's only made from those strains, if the virus has mutated (and all viruses mutate over time and as they are passed from person to person), you can still catch it, even if you have been vaccinated.
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