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Re: Any other hyperemesis Mommas?

Originally Posted by mapleleaf88 View Post
Honestly, if one more person tells me to eat crackers or drink ginger ale, I will vomit directly on them!
LOL Yeah that sums it up nicely!

I guess I'm sort of lucky because I am surrounded by medical people and able to get IVs at home as needed and Zofran as needed. Which is a rarity here in Austria-hyperemesis 'treatment' consists of being admitted to the hospital and spending weeks there on IVs.

Snack drawer for the kids is definitely on my to do list.

I'm trying to suck it up this week through work. Thankfully I'm part time so it's do-able especially since I still have a 'honeymoon' phase of only being nauseous and not puking every 5 minutes in the middle of the day. If I'm still this sick (or sicker which is more likely...) next week I'll probably take some sick leave.
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