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Re: Yup Lip/Tongue Tie

Originally Posted by Connor View Post
How many opinions have you had? There are many Drs that will recommend GA and it actually isn't necessary. There are lots of issues that can be caused by tongue and lip ties. Tongue can affect digestion, speech, tooth decay (bottom teeth), lip can affect speech, and it creates a pocket over those top teeth that traps food particles and bacteria and can cause decay. I would seek out a skilled physician that has lots of experience with ptt/lt because GA likely isn't necessary. Either way, it is definitely your choice and I support whatever choice you feel is best.
I only got my pedi's opinion. His tongue is barely tied from what we can see. He can blow raspberries and touch his nose with it...LOL! I will have another pedi look at him. She said that the band on the upper lip is too thick to clip in her office. I have a hereditary bleeding disorder that I could pass down and cannot be tested for until 2 yrs old. So, with that high chance of bleeding, she would recommend GA, which she does not recommend for a baby his age unless there is a good reason. If he was not feeding, etc. She did tell me if I see other things arise because of his ties, then we will revisit the idea of snipping them.
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