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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (October 1-15)

Yeah my kids both beat up the doppler (LOL and u/s too!). I think they can feel/hear it but I really doubt it hurts them. And the stress relief is worth it to me.

Marie I am already using my Momma cloth for the same reason. Thankfully my progesterone suppositories are white but I leak terribly and I too get blistery rashes from disposable liners. I invested in cloth pads and liners during DD's pregnancy and they have been awesome for many reasons. No idea how you bleed after birth but I definitely use all kinds of pads because my bleeding goes on for a while and tapers on and off so I got use of the liners too.

Elena-YAY for daily movement!

Erica-sorry you are still bleeding. How frustrating and how scary!

AFM-still feel like crap. Hyperemesis has set in which is good and bad. Good because I never had it with my loss in February and bad because obviously I don't want to tell everyone yet and have a VERY hard time functioning. Trying to hold out until my appointment on Friday to tell my parents-they live close by and will help out as much as they can once they know.
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