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Re: Yup Lip/Tongue Tie

Originally Posted by SPJ&E View Post
My son has an upper lip tie (and I assume has a posterior tongue tie as well). He ripped his (lip tie) right after his 1 year checkup. We had just talked to his doctor about it and she said that dentists usually won't touch them until they are 3 because most resolve on their own. We were satisfied with that. We had just planned to continue making sure we brushed his teeth really well (which we do anyway) to try to prevent any decay issues and aside from that, just keep an eye on it.

A few days later, he ran through the living room while mama was vacuuming and tripped (over the vacuum), landing face first on the floor. The lip tie would always bleed when he fell, but this time, it bled a in it was dripping. Once the bleeding mostly stopped, I pulled his lip up and sure enough, he ripped it to about halfway up his gums (to what looks pretty normal, I would say). It was down between his front teeth, causing a gap (which was what we discussed with his doctor). It's only been about a month since and the gap between his front teeth is gone already.

The whole bleeding profusely thing was scary, but I will say that I am glad we don't have to deal with surgery or anything later on! I hope your little guy's resolves on its own or doesn't cause any issues in the future.
That is basically the senerio that she is recommending here. I massage it too to help stretch it like she said I could. I worry about it breaking due to the bleeding issue. I am glad your son's resolved on its own. That bleeding must have been scarey. Mouth bleeding always is crazy heavy. That is great the gap is already gone. I am not looking forward to surgery for him, but we may if it does not break on its own and he turns out to have the bleeding disorder.
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