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Originally Posted by Melaine

Not sure why you are being so defensive, I was just answering the OP honestly with my reasons. I have no problem with people celebrating with Santa, it's just not what we choose to do and I gave my reasons as requested.
I'm not defensive at all. I'm just showing how most of the reasons people don't incorporate Santa are really a moot point.

Originally Posted by jen_batten

Perhaps you don't use Santa in that regard, but it's not just from movies. I think the "Power of Santa" thread proves that pretty well. Honestly though, I don't know why you seem determined to prove why your way is the best. This thread isn't about if santa is right or wrong, or if this or that will happen. It's about one reasoning of the non-santa crew. I don't think people in here are trying to say you're wrong if you do Santa, we're just stateing our personal reasons for why we don't.
I'm not trying to prove anything, just point out a lot of misconceptions that people who don't do Santa have.
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