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Personally, I would not have been interested in having a doula support us as we adopted our son. We already had social workers, attorneys, and nurses in and out of our room, that I just wanted to be alone with him and it would have felt like jut one more person to distract us. I liked having our social worker there because she's worked in adoption for years and years. I think you would need to spend a long time better understanding birthmoms and what they are going through as well as adoptive parents. Its such a unique and emotionally challenging experience, that if you were not highly knowledgable in the range of emotions everyone was experiencing it would be tough to truly be supportive and helpful.

I can see where maybe first time parents may benefit from the added help if they needed assistance with basic baby care and such. And there are definitely birthmoms who need support if they don't have family willing to support them with their adoption plan.

I don't want to squash your plan and extremely good intentions, I just think that if it's something you feel passionate about you would need to take a long time researching and training yourself in the world of adoption and all it's uniqueness.
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