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Re: Diapers not getting clean? Help!

Originally Posted by AZmommy View Post
are you soaking the poo diapers or soaking rinsed diapers? Dont soak poo diaper you just soaking in the stains and smell.
The majority of the stuff should come off with just a good prerinse, detergent should take care of the rest, in my experience BF stains should be a rare thing and not something normal unless their is some other factor (certain meds etc) sunning is great for stubborn stains but it shoudln't be an every wash thing.

Deffiently use more detergent follow your detergents reccomendations for load and water type you can tweak it a bit from there. Its better to need an extra rinse or even an extra cycle to rinse than just not getting the diapes clean in the first place

How many are you washing at once? Too few and its not only a waste but they don't get the aggitation they often need but too crowded and diapers end up bunched and they dont get cleaned.. Also make sure diapers aren't all wadded up tight before going into the pail again they can sometimes stay all wadded rolled up and not get properly exposed to the water/soap.
This--my dipes got cleaner on the med setting; on the large setting they kind of just floated around, didn't really rub against each other.
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