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Flat Rate Box Lotto CLOSED...Winners being contacted!

I have a lot of diapers that I no longer need because they don't work for us, I have too many, etc, etc. I have AIOs, pockets, wool, inserts, covers, prefolds, snappis, BGOS, etc Quality ranges from NEW to GUC, you will get a little of everything.

I would like to divide up what I have to get to some mamas in need. I will have at LEAST one flat rate box for a boy and one for a girl, very possibly more. It is fine with me if you are new here and just starting out....however if you can afford to buy diapers at the going rates, or if you already have more than 30 diapers for your LO, please pass on this lotto.

You are responsible for the shipping! Lotto will end on Thursday night. I have written down post numbers randomly ahead of time to select the winners! Have fun!

Please indicate the following

1. If you have a boy or a girl

2. What sizes you need in general (so you don't get anything too small)

3. What size FRB you might like , medium or are responsible for shipping!!

4. Just for fun.... which of the following names do you like the best

Alexander, Tomas, Joshua, Aiden
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