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Re: Show me your nb in cloth diapers!!!

DD was about 4 weeks old here, not a brand new babe but I found these quickly while looking for some pics. She was about 9 pounds here . While Kanga-Care as a whole is most definitely not my first choice in diaper manufacturers (bad customer service experience(s)), we LOVED 'Lil Joeys on DD until about 10-11 pounds. They have a great shape to fit little bitty behinds without extra material or bulk anywhere you don't want it. They are outgrown quickly though, after those we used mostly BG newborn (XS) AIOs and those are fantastic little diapers! I found them to be just a little too big and "boxy" if that makes sense (?) on a brand new bitty newborn, but after 9-10 pounds or so they are super. They fit DD until about 14 pounds. I started using a tiny bamboo doubler in them when they needed a little extra absorbency when DD was close to outgrowing them.

Anyway, here is my sweetie (before she lost most of her dark hair, poor girl is pretty thin on top right now ) in a 'Lil Joey:

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