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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Im an intactivist. I educate when its a close friend, if I am asked, otherwise, I don't. I post information on my facebook. My dad and brother are intact as is my husband. We leave decisions about permanent changes to genitals up to the person to whom the genitals belong. I'm realllly tired of hearing people misuse the term "personal decision" a personal decision is a decision to be made by the person it affects, ie: the owner of the genitals. I pray someday, hopefully soon, it will be illegal. I believe people make the decision for what they THINK are the right reasons, however, its never right or ok to mutilate another person's body. That is something they should get to decide for themselves. I can guarantee you, a majority of intact men would not choose to be circed as adults. Also, we need to educate ourselves in that its not a small piece of skin or a benign procedure. It affects the sexual lives of BOTH partners involved as adults. Im so thankful my family supports me as does my husband in leaving all of our children (male or female) intact. I would never feel judged and never do when people make dirogatory comments about it because they are most likely ignorant about foreskin and its purpose. I know that not mutilating another person is the right decision, therefore, I don't feel judged.
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