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Re: peri bottle question

Originally Posted by jill_wv View Post
If it's wintertime and you are using heat put the filled peri bottle on the furnace vent and just keep it there. Then when you need to use it it's already warmed and ready to go. My sis did this after her births. She also kept the baby's bottle on the furnace vent with only water in it so at night when the baby wanted to eat she grabbed the warmed bottle from the vent and mixed the powder in.
we're in FL so our AC runs pretty much year-round, except maybe 6 - 8 wks/yr, when it is cool. We rarely use the heat, maybe 1-2 wks if it gets REALLY cold, and then it is central heat, which comes out of the air ducts in the ceiling.

I want warm water, not room temp - which is usually around 70-78 degrees in our house.
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