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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 8-Oct. 14

Originally Posted by ardeur View Post
I think you already did this, but yes, you have to enter the first temp you took (5am). This won't be an accurate temperature since it was taken 2 hours from your real temping time. You probably would have gotten a temperature above your CL if you woke up at 7am instead... so I wouldn't be discouraged over this one disturbed temp. Just leave it at 97.12 @ 5am on your chart and don't worry about it.

The rule is that if you take your temperature within 90 minutes (either way) of your regular waking time, then you can adjust that temp by 0.1 degrees for each half hour you're off. So if you had first woken and temped at 5:30am, for example, you could've added 0.3 to that temp to adjust it for 7am.
Thank you soooo much. You are great at explaining the temping things with charting!!!!

I feel so much better about that temp this morning. So perhaps I am still above the CL, my stupid bladder just woke me up and ruined it!!! I'm hoping tomorrow's temp shows a big jump (and I will not drink so much water within 4 hours of bedtime tonight either, I'll tell you that for darn sure!)

I felt somewhat crampy last night and again this morning... not full on period like cramps with actual pain, just kind of a full feeling uterus... similar to start of a period, but not exactly. Anyone else get this right around ovulation or just after ovulation?
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