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Re: Diapers not getting clean? Help!

Originally Posted by almostcrunchy View Post
Okay, my first thought is why would you put diapers with CHUNKS of poo on them in the washing machine?

You need to get the solids off before you put them in the wash. That's what a diaper sprayer is for. If you don't have one, get one....until then use a garden hose.

Personally, I would never even think to put POOP diapers in the wash without pre-rinsing them off with a sprayer (and I EBF too).
as long as its only breastfeed poo its all water soluable and yes even the bigger "chunks" should rinse right off, a prerinse cycle before washing should clear that out fine the fact that after a full wash she is still seeing that much to be says the washer is jsut not doing its job.

I didn't own a sprayer till around 6 months or so and never rinsed a diaper did a cool prewash then long hot wash with detergent and extra rinse never had issues with stink or stains. IF the diapers were extra dirty I ran an intial quick wash instead of the prewash

However if that is the case PO you may need to spray off the diapers before going into the pail
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