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Originally Posted by amholb0
Ha ha, I love this thread!!! My poor DH has no butt but, he tries his darnedest to keep his pants up. He goes through so many belts because he pulls them really tight to keep the pants from falling. Sadly DS inherited the lack of booty, even with a cloth diaper on his pants will slowly slide down his bottom. I'm thinking of making them matching suspenders for Christmas.
I was feeling really beat up for my husband. I'm glad he's not alone. Bless his heart, he has negative butt, less than none. Concave. Sticks out no further than his thighs. Same problem yours has with belts. He does them so tight that they hurt him. He has so little that his pants and underwear don't simply slide off, they roll down. He doesn't like it, at all. It's not a fashion faux pas, it's terrible genetics. My daughter and younger son are built like him. My 3 year old son is shaped exactly like me. I wonder if strangers would even realize they're related. 3yo and I have a lot of junk in our trunks.
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