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If we were to do things my way there would likely be no Santa in our house. My husband insisted though, and it started the year we bought our daughter a well-made cherry wood play kitchen. He wanted Santa and he suggested the kitchen be from him.

My compromise was that Santa could have a small role to play in the holiday (which is utterly secular for us) but the big presents come from us. In fact last year Santa brought snow goggles for our daughter and a musical plush for our newborn and that was it.

My reasoning: Santa is a fiction, but the presents we purchase are not. Therein lies the need for a bridge of embellishment. I am just not willing to theorize with my kids that Santa brought this big, thoughtful whatever and the stockings are from their parents. We only get a very few things for each, and if we get something grand for them, it's important that they know we understand them and provided them with the wonderful whatever.

This works for my daughter completely. She gets a bit of magic without slipping off completely into an alternate universe where benevolent strangers stalk you and buy expensive presents for you. Believe me, my daughter's imagination is wild and sustains her for hours. Frosty the Snowman is her imaginary friend, which gets tricky for her in the summer.

I am responding to the OP. I don't feel the need to respond to impassioned pleas from Santa's surrogates that we approach it differently than we do.
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