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Re: Do your SO's pants

This thread is crackin me up.

My DH just turned 40 and I only see his undies if he takes his pants off.

I can kind of understand high school and college kids wanting to identify with gangstas and be all "bad@$$" (pun intended). The style is associated with rebellion and prison and those things are kind of cool to pretend to be a part of when you are trying hard to pretend to be grown up. Eventually, one would hope that these boys would turn into men and leave their posturing style behind in favor of a more comfortable, practical style. I see 25+ guys who do it the same way I see women of my generation sporting the big 80s hair and pouffy bangs. To me, the style says, "I don't wanna grow up."

ETA: It's one thing to not have a behind to hold up the pants well and do the best you can. It's another thing to purposely buy pants several sizes too large, cool to you boxer shorts, and a pair of briefs just so you can wear your pants around your knees and gangsta walk.
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