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Thank you for that perspective. I can see how having yet another presence in the room would feel distracting and invasive. At this point I'm still in a brainstorming stage of planning my practice, so these sorts of responses are helpful. :-) I'm not personally attached to my practice looking any certain way. My heart is actually to just be present for women in the way that they need and to support them in having the birth experience they want. For some women/families that might me continuous "in your face" hands-on support. For other families that will mean I stay hands off, hang around the edges and "hold the space" by minimizing unnecessary interruptions. And my heart is genuinely happy to serve in whatever capacity best supports the mama/family. I am curious to explore more non-traditional birthing families because I think they are under-served when it comes to professional compassionate labor support.

Thanks again for sharing your experience. :-)
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