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Re: WWYD? Stuck thinking I'm going to school for nothing

You like nursing, you're most of the way to your RN, & you need the money...the pragmatic choice is to get the RN. And that your DH needs to quit it w/ the case of whining DB-ness & STOP being needy, & help take care of the kids so you can make it happen.

I get that you want to open the shop & I think that's a great mid- to long-term goal, but it's difficult to own a successful business when you're not yet financially stable. Honestly, I have lots of friends who are now RNs & do FT & per diem hospital work, homecare, etc. The pay is generous & the hours flexible enough that you will still be able to bring in income while supporting your fledgling business...and spending time with your kids; getting through the schooling is the time-drain.

And I'm sorry if it seems a bit harsh, but if your family depends on the income that your RN will eventually bring in (i.e., if not living paycheck to paycheck is a priority), missing your littles to get there may be necessary. I say that as a member of a 2xWOHM household. We both prioritize our careers & are dependent on the income; it's just the way it is.

*If it were me,* I would probably go back to work PT...maybe 2days/wk. Then I'd either put the kids in DC 2.5-3 days/wk w/ the money earned from working, to cover the time you're working + some additional hours to study. Or put the kids in care 2 days/wk & come home 1-2 hrs after you're done work, your DH picks up the slack for the kids, & you go to the library to study & come home after. Yes, nursing school is demanding, but you said you like the work, & it would likely put your family in a much more stable position in the long-term...heck, I know I wasn't even a nurse, but just the health insurance I got when I worked at a hospital was incredibly affordable & REALLY good. Maybe it's just me, but that + a good income would be enough to make my choice.
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