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Re: I washed 12 pair of woolies today!!

I have an OLD, top loading Maytag washer. I timed the gentle cicle on it and it really only agitates for 4 min total....2 min at the beginning and 2 min at the end.

So I set it to gentle (8min cycle total), warm/cold. I actually used just a bit of Dawn because I had some new to us woolies that I really wanted to make sure were clean. Um...yea, they were gross...but that is a whole dif post! lol

When the machine started to agitate, I counted 10sec, opened the lid and let everything stop. They closed the lid....counted to 10sec....opened and let rest. I repeated for the entire 2 min. Then let them sit. When it was time to agitate again, I did the same thing. Finished with a spin! CLEAN WOOLIES!!! WOOHOOO!!

I even filled the tub again, added my wool wash...agitated for 2 min (above method) and let everything sit. Lanolized with no lano-balls!

I did hand knits, machine knits, and interlock. Everything can out great! I think I can justify a wool obsession now.

My only nightmare is if I ever get called away and forget that I am washing wool... I think I will only do it when I know DH is around to monitor kiddos.
Yep! They are ALLLLLL mine!
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