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Re: targets biodegradable pristine clean detergent

Originally Posted by Luvingmy4boys View Post
I bought some but haven't used it on diapers yet. I did try it on my load of whites and unfortunately they were still dingy looking. I had even put in a little bleach. I ended up putting them into the wash again with a scoop of Tide w/bleach powder which is my usual detergent and they came out much cleaner and brighter. The whites laundry was the test for me as that's usually the dirtiest. I hope it works better on my diapers but now I'm not holding my breath. I was hoping to be find a good free & clear that I could use with everything.
boo that is dispointing.. I hate reccomending things that work great for me but then dont for others. I know it happens Ive had the same with like reccomendations of Purex or RnG ect.. Still its stinks and in the diaper world that is never good
Do remember this detergent has no added brighteners though so far for us that hasn't been an issue.
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