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Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn
Good morning ladies! Oh yeah, I'm just getting up at 8:40! That's sleeping in around here. I'm going to ready breakfast and then be back with pics like I promised last night.

Yes you were up way too late! I didn't get your txt till 4am. I was
Ooh for sleeping in My boys woke at 7AM which is sleeping in for them, lol.

I need to get going and start breakfast soon.

Originally Posted by bellybellybuttons
Carolyn, hope you have a better next few days.
Mel, hope you get a phone soon so we can text too.
Fi, I will be your texting buddy till Mel gets her new phone ;0)
pho noodles what are those? I love noodles.
Sorry Carolyn, I didn't realize how late it was when I sent it.
Morning Katie

sorry if I missed anyone

Working on getting my button shop going again, I really miss doing them. My shoulder has been out but feeling better and I am in therapy, so I am ready to get up and running again.

If any of you ladies want/need some solid buttons lmk I will do them FFS for you. ;0)

Is it spam if they are free? I don't like spam much either but free is good.
Only to the ladies who have posted in this thread previously please.

Have a wonderful morning ladies.
Pho (pronounce 'fa') are vietnamese rice noodles. Theyre yummy and served in a beef broth with veggies. I love to add hoisin and siracha (hot sauces).

LOVE your buttons! Got so many compliments on the purple sleeper I knit. I'll put in an order for buttons as I figure out what I'm knitting for baby. I was going to do the tessa buy, but I can't figure out my projects that far in advance

Originally Posted by Dayzee1081
getting ready to go to the store. anybody know if Krogers has naan bread? I hope so because I don't want to have to go to Walmart too...
No idea, but Costco does

Originally Posted by JaylasMommy
Anyone mind if I jump in? Over the next few months I will be knitting for a newb!

I would love some company!
Welcome! I'm due in Feb. and working on newbie items as well.

Originally Posted by msuk2girl
Drive by question. Can i block with stuff from around the house? I don't have a kit, but this shawl is in obvious need of blockage! So I'm going to finish up these last couple ends, and hopefully someone can tell me if its possible to use sewing pins and carpet
I use a thick towel and rust proof pins

Originally Posted by Scaethach

the best kind of WIP!

Good morning! I didn't sleep well, I was up twice during the night with kidney pain and it's kind of freaking me out. Pixie was up early and sometimes she'll go back to sleep, but she pooped sometime overnight so that was out. I need to block these longies today and get an i-cord done, very very happy to be so close to done with these.
Hope you get a nice nap today and your kidney pain resolves. A momma on my ddc has kidney stones which doesnt sound like much fun pregnant.

AFM: Off to start breakfast and excited to buy a schatch drop spindle today. Hope to work on my linen stitch second leg, but my carpal tunnel is acting up today. Hope my brace does the trick even with numb fingers.
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