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So frustrated with trainers - Help me get out of sposies!

I just don't know where to (re)start ...

LO is 29 months and we're doing PLing the slow stubborn way. We're having consistent forward progress, but lots of full-on accidents. I'm having a heck of a time finding the right trainer.

What we need:

--He can pull up and down independently.
--Economical, unless I get his Grovia stash sold quickly! (then I can do 10 pair at $20).
--If he has a full accident while sitting on the couch, or on my lap at synagogue, or in a chair at daycare, it's not a total disaster.
--Feels wet to him
--Washes easily (super thick pads, like Flip and Grovia, don't work)

What I've tried:

--Buying the Tinkle Time Trainers pattern. Awesome with a lot of changes to the pattern, therefore no FSOT.

--Flip. The snaps come undone too much and those thick jersey pads are too hard to wash.

--Imse Vimse. Love except the immediate puddle during an accident.

--Best Bottoms. I so wanted to love these but not having elasticized legs is completely absurd.

--Going straight to underpants. Just not an option. 3 day PLing sorta worked then his life changed a lot, then he quit. I don't have 3 days in the near future.

When my school started a few weeks ago and we had several other things hit the fan, I went to disposable pull-ups (GASP) and sposie diapers at night. I know I know ... I feel so ashamed ...

TIA all you awesome mommas!

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