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Re: Adjusting the sleep 'schedule'

Of course i posted and she woke every 2 hours that night. The nursery where DD sleeps is a small room attached to our bedroom. There's no door to the room. DH wakes up every time she wakes, but he says he eventually falls back asleep while I'm up with her. The only other place for her to sleep, besides our room, is downstairs, and I'm not putting her that far away. We have gone downstairs though during especially wakeful nights.

Yesterday we tried to keep her to more of a schedule like you described, Leslie. Last night she went to sleep at 8:15 in her crib!! She woke up at 10:15, 2:30 and then at 8:30. It was so nice to wake up at a more normal time without feeling like I wasted an entire day! And I actually felt rested. Using that schedule, how long do the wake periods usually last?
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