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Re: Do you do the circus?

We go to the circus. I have always gotten free tickets through work so it's a cheap family outing for us if we don't buy the overpriced food or toys. If I didn't get free tickets, there's no way we would go. There are tiger, elephant and dog acts, but the rest is people acts. I don't care for the tiger act. I just keep waiting for one of those tigers to finally get fed up and bite the head off the "trainer." I don't consider a dog show to be cruel, though I don't know the behind-the-scenes story. And I don't know enough about elephants to say anything about that.

If we're being totally honest and forgive my heartlessness on this's not that I don't care about animals, but I'm not even remotely interested in animal rights. I don't follow any animal rights groups, I don't have an interest in owning a pet, and at the end of the day there's just not enough time to look into everything out there. If I'm going to support a 'cause,' it's going to be a cause for humans.
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