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Re: WWYD? Stuck thinking I'm going to school for nothing

My mom is 57 and is currently working on her RN after being an LPN for 8 years, she didn't get a chance to get started until all her kids were teenagers. She's dealt with the same struggles as you have over the past few years. A CNA is nothing nowadays. And an LPN can't get a job because the government has made it easy enough for people to go to college for four years and come out as an RN, even though they have no business in the medical field. My dad was also a factory worker and just retired at the age of 65. I don't know what your situation is, perhaps your husband isn't capable of going to school, not saying he isn't an intelligent man, some people just have issues when it comes to getting an education and the causes are very varied. Also, and I'm still making assumptions, I believe it took everyone sacrificing to get you where you are so I don't like the suggestions that he has no right to tell you what to do. I'm not sayin ghe does but it sounds like you and your husband discuss things and in that environment I just can't imagine the type of guy that stands over you yelling at you to go to school. He sees how far you've come in an area and wants you to go as far as you are able too. Also I think continuing to stay in a career that will pay you better as you learn more and increase your credentials will make your goal of owning a baby store a lot more achievable. Also, as an RN i would respect your opinion and advice on baby products a lot more than someone who just got a loan and found a few providers. A couple years ago my SO went to a school that ultimately she did not use as a profession. While I do not resent her for going and following the path she sought, as she has stood by me and has allowed me to seek life choices that didn't end up being lucrative, I can understand your husband wanting you to finish and get your RN.

Also, one you have the practical RN, meaning you have completed all the parts of the RN curriculum that require in person training (your biology and anatomy and physiology prereqs, as well as your intern/externships) you can complete a BSN online through many different programs. With a Bachelors you can get a Masters in almost anything.

I understand you want to own your own business and I'm working towards that goal myself. Be advised only 1 out of 5 business make it past five years. With the support of a career, that you may or may not love, if your business is having financial difficulties you can keep it afloat by supplementing your operating costs with the salary of a job in an industry that is always hiring at mid-level and upper-level positions.
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