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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread Oct 8 - Oct 14

Originally Posted by Ducko View Post
I need to come back for some more motivation. We are having a hard time not spending right now. We are on Baby Step 6. Last month my dad died of a massive stroke and so our snowball went to funeral, travel, eating on the road etc. This month it's now hard to pay that extra to the house. I've got a bad case of the "I WANTS". Partly because I think I'm miserable and miss my dad. I'm tired of feeling deprived. I know I will be so much happier if I wait. It's just hard to convince myself right not that "stuff" isn't gonna solve my unhappiness and loss. So here, I said it out loud and now I gotta stick to what I know is right. It's just hard.

My youngest son has also been having some speech issues. Now our doctor feels he needs an MRI and to see a neurologist. Which I'm stressing over. Luckily, it's not a money issues that have me stressed. We have enough set aside for medical this year in our HSA.

So I'm trying to commit to: "use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without."
I am so sorry for your loss

We listed my car for sale in hopes of getting more than we could trading. If it doesn't sell in a couple of weeks, we will just trade in for a lower loan amount and lower payment.

We have now made arrangements with all siblings that we would not be buying for neices and nephews this year. We will each all buy for our own (growing!) familes and let the time spent together be the extended family gifts. that makes me feel better already about the holiday budget, and we are determined to scale WAY back with our own kids as well.

The end of the month will not see much headway on debt as we are taking DD2 to Diney World for a very early birthday present (I am delivering #5 2 days after her b-day in Feb & I don't think I can walk around Disney later than the 2nd trimester). Fortunately, we will also not incur debt from our trip either, because we set aside money for it as it has been in the works sine Feb this year (pre-DR).
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