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Re: How many gifts?

It really just depends on the kids. A couple of years ago they each had like 10-15 gifts under the tree, but a lot of them were smaller, or hand made, or a necessity I felt would still be fun to open.

This year DD will probably be getting just one gift from us...a ball pit.

DS will be getting more. Probably some books, a board game or two, some legos, and a 3DSXL. Not thrifty really I know, but I am selling some of his old toys, and his old DS to fund the new stuff.

My S/O and I sometimes exchange gifts. He usually gets me one thing he knows I really want. He doesn't like me to buy him anything, so I try to make something he'll like. This year I want to crochet him an 8-bit mario blanket.

If I do exchange with the rest of my family, it's usually really small stuff. I think last year I got my mom (well the KIDS got my mom ) a little necklace and earring set from avon. It was like $8. She got me some socks and a new tea ball. I made my step-dad a new hat and they gave my S/O a coffee mug. We try to not make a big deal about exchanging gifts. Money is often tight and we don't like to put each other out.

My little sister and my dad always get something for the kids, but we don't exchange presents ourselves.
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