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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 8-Oct. 14

Originally Posted by carlycurry View Post
Thank you soooo much. You are great at explaining the temping things with charting!!!!

I feel so much better about that temp this morning. So perhaps I am still above the CL, my stupid bladder just woke me up and ruined it!!! I'm hoping tomorrow's temp shows a big jump (and I will not drink so much water within 4 hours of bedtime tonight either, I'll tell you that for darn sure!)

I felt somewhat crampy last night and again this morning... not full on period like cramps with actual pain, just kind of a full feeling uterus... similar to start of a period, but not exactly. Anyone else get this right around ovulation or just after ovulation?
You're very sweet! I'm cheering for you.
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