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I have Birdseye and Sherpa soakers with a mix of Birdseye/velour/cotton knit inners on mine. I'm finding my dd is becoming a hold-n-flooder sometimes (or just pees a lot at the wrong times lol) so I wish I wouldn't sucked it up and paid the $2-3 more for hemp soakers. The velour inners act kinda stay dry and don't get wash wear so they look great after lots of uses. I have 2 with the back open and it kind of helps dry time but it also changes the fit a little bc the rise gets lower and you have to pull up the back when putting it on.

If I was to get these made again, I'd get all velour inners and hemp soakers and have her adjust the tabs/rise bc my dd is between a med and small. They are overall great dipes though! I'd throw in some fitteds and covers and be happy with a full stash of nbs!

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