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Neck gunk! Help!

So dd is 7 weeks. She is slender, but has some seriously deep neck wrinkles. I clean her neck wrinkles all. the. time. And no matter how throughly I clean it, I can always find more. I cleaned it for 10 minutes one time... was letting it air dry, and then when I checked it 2 minutes later, I found more gunk! I don't even understand why since I assume it's just breastmilk, but there is so much all the time. It's gotten so bad that she smells like rotten milk even right after a bath.

Now an added issue is that when I stretch her wrinkles open, it's shiny around the creases. I think because it's raw? It's not bleeding or anything, but it's irritated for sure. Should I put anything on it or leave it alone? I clean out her neck at least every hour... should I do it less even though it stinks?

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