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Re: Question for the Non-Santa Crew

We do Santa somewhat. We do not do big Santa gifts and honestly I have never thought about where the credit was going for the gifts we get our children. I don't really feel like we lied to our children because we never made a huge deal out of it and we never told them to be good or they wouldn't get Santa gifts. My boys both know Santa is pretend and they still love getting a gift from Santa but they enjoy more seeing their sister getting a Santa gift because she doesn't yet know he is pretend. I think it is a fun part of Christmas. Our main focus on Christmas is the birth of Jesus but we still do a bit of Santa for fun. We grew up getting Santa gifts that were huge and I don't remember feeling like I was lied to when I found out the truth. I also realized at the same time that my parents were the ones who bought all of those gifts.
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