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Can you make this work for us?

I'm trying to find a nighttime solution using at least partially things we already have. We use Flips with Stay-dry during the day (want to keep stay-dry for night). I have a couple Hemp babies doublers, a couple Thristies Duo AIOs, and one Freetime.

I've been reading the threads about nighttime suggestions, I'm just not sure I'm ready to do all the wool and stuff. I'm willing to buy something, but I'm already frustrated looking at all the options, and don't want to keep buying stuff that won't work.

Last night I used a freetime with a hemp doubler, and he stayed dry (he's 4 months, FF, slept about 7 hours). Should I just get more of that? I'm scared to buy more of that if it's not going to be consistent or a longer-term solution for us, especially as he goes longer stretches at night.
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